Catalytic Converter Protection Professionals

Catalytic converter theft in the United States has reached near epidemic numbers, putting individuals at risk across the nation.

Since its inception, Cat Converter Protection has stood guard against would-be criminals and thieves, protecting vehicles and the wallets of our customers for years.

We’re more than just a catalytic converter protection brand, we’re a team dedicated to giving you back peace of mind and the freedom to drive and park wherever, whenever, without the worry of having your converter stolen.

Our commitment is to provide you with access to the BEST products on the market, made by industry-leading manufacturers who are dedicated to performance AND protection.

Each product on our site is the culmination of decades of engineering, design implementations, and battle-tested formulas to provide the highest levels of deterrence and unmatched capabilities.

Backed by decades of combined experience, our team brings a wealth of knowledge about converters to the table, offering unique insight into the minds of criminals, effective means of protection and avoidance, and protection devices that keep your vehicle safe.

Giving you the Confidence to Drive and Park Anywhere



Protection Unlike Any Other

You worked hard to get yourself a car you are proud of. One that not only gets you from Point A to Pont B, but that does so with efficiency, style, and safety.

We’re here to make sure no one tries to take that away from you. The products on our site are tested to perform under even the harshest of conditions, and in the highest-risk areas, you may venture into.

Designed to be as durable as they are effective, these catalytic converter protectors have effectively saved our customers thousands in would-be expenses, and the headache of dealing with police reports, insurance claims filing, auto repair shops, and more.

Exceptional Manufacturing

Cat Shield products are made to the highest standards, employing ISO9000 reliability and utilizing high-quality raw materials to construct a product superior to the competition.

Advanced Engineering

Driven by the latest in manufacturing technology and advanced principles of engineering, each cat protector is intelligently designed for the specific make and model it was intended to protect.

Designed and Built in the USA

Proudly made in the USA, we take incredible pride in supporting the US labor market and the residents of this great nation.

Don’t Leave You Vehicle Unprotected: Get A Cat Shield Made to a Higher Standard Today

You and your vehicle deserve better. Shop our extensive line of catalytic converter protectors today and find out why so many customers trust us to get them the right products for their vehicles.

Day or night, rain or shine, make criminals think twice about even attempting to steal what’s yours. We make finding the right product a breeze with our ‘make and model’ search tool.

Have questions? We’ve got answers for those too. Reach out and connect with a professional who understands the industries and your concerns. We’re always eager to help.