Do Catalytic Converter Shields Work?

With the massive surge of catalytic converter thefts across America, it’s never been a better time to source either protection from or solutions to the rampant criminal undertakings of underworld organizations. The slow passing of bills in some states currently just isn’t enough to provide vehicle owners with peace of mind.

As purchasers of vehicles are becoming more environmentally conscious, the components in many modern catalytic converters are too tempting and profitable for criminals to skip past. For the bad guys, business is booming and the next item on their to-do list might be to steal the converter from your vehicle!

So what can you do to keep yourself protected? Well, there are a few solutions but none are as easy or as affordable as installing a catalytic converter shield. But do they work I hear you ask? Well, let’s take an in-depth look at shields and more importantly, whether you should purchase one!

Toyota Tacoma 3.5L 2WD catalytic converter shield

Converter Shield Versus No Protection – Is It Worth Investing In?

The simple answer to this question is yes. You can take a number of precautions to protect your converter such as parking in busy visible areas and labeling your vehicle parts but none are as effective as a shield to deter criminals. Without a shield in place, a thief can remove a catalytic converter from your vehicle in less than a minute! Yes, you read that correctly.

It takes less than 60 seconds to remove a converter which they will be able to fetch hundreds of dollars for. Adding a shield is the best way to stop thieves from targeting your vehicle as it’s too risky to even try to remove your converter compared to other vehicles.

Each shield is made of a strong hard metal casing and has tamper-proof bolts securing it tightly in place. Even the most determined criminal will struggle to remove the hard shell and it will take far longer to cut through the bolts. Also, they are simply unable to do this quietly or quickly. Without special tools such as a blow torch and plenty of time, the act of removing a catalytic converter shield is not a viable option. Criminals are far more likely to skip to another vehicle with easier access.

Cat Converter Shield Versus Power Saw

As we’ve mentioned, the shield doesn’t offer complete protection as a criminal who is determined enough and has power tools may have some success in removing the shield. The downside for the criminal though is this process will take a long time, create a lot more noise drawing attention, and increases the risk to the point where it’s not worth them trying.

Materials used in our shields have been put to the test against a top-of-the-line buzz saw blade from Sawzall and the results are striking. Even when the Milwaukee Super Sawzell was using the strongest Carbide tipped blades it ran into a world of trouble. Creating large amounts of noise and breaking before being able to cut more than a few inches in most cases. In particular, the shields created with 304 Stainless Steel gave the most resistance to the power tool.

Broken blades, shorn-off teeth, overheated buzz saw, and complete stoppage were regular occurrences when trying to cut through even one sheet of our strong stainless steel converter shields. to the test and put them up against the top-of-the-line Sawzall and blades on the market. There are videos out there that show how other catalytic converter cages, shields, and guards, are ineffective against the right tools but that has not been our experience. Even shields with thinner material such as the 190 showed great resistance against the power saw causing overheating and breaking of the blades on multiple occasions. The heat given off by the power tool can also lead to overheating and the device cutting out during the cutting process 

The bottom line, if a criminal wants to take the chance and spend the extra time cutting through with power tools, swapping out wrecked blades, and making one hell of a noise, then they might successfully steal your catalytic converter. The reality though is they will most likely move on and choose an easier target with less hassle and less risk. Catalytic converter shields made from quality stainless steel like ours are your best defense against theft.

Are Catalytic Converter Shields Cost-Effective?

There are plenty of different catalytic converter shields on the market and the range in quality and price varies. Is it worth it? Quite simply yes. Owning a shield that offers you safety and security while also deterring criminals is always worth your investment. Not having a shield might open you up to repeat thefts and the cost of replacements whether bought outright or done through your insurance broker is very costly indeed.

Considering a criminal might be able to make off with your converter in less than a minute just shows what a lucrative target an unshielded converter can be. Paying anywhere from $60 to a couple of hundred is worth it for your own peace of mind in our opinion. Nobody wants to be a victim of crime and the more we can do to deter these career criminals the better!

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red Toyota Tundra with Catalytic Converter Shield

Overall – Summing up the Pros and Cons of Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Devices with a Q&A Session

Does owning a catalytic converter shield protect me 100% from theft?

No. If someone is determined enough and has the extra time and resources, they may still steal your converter. However, the chances are greatly reduced and owning a shield is preferable to not owning one.

Are they cost-effective?

When you consider the wide price range to suit most budgets and the potential savings from not having to replace your catalytic converter … yes, they are very cost-effective.

Do they deter criminals?

Absolutely, yes. If the option is to spend less than one minute with minimal hand tools to steal your neighbor’s converter, then that is far more appealing to any would-be criminals. Having a shield makes everything harder and deters probable theft.

video screenshot of a theft walking away from a blue parked car

Where can I buy a catalytic converter shield?

Please check out our extensive range at competitive prices here:   Cat Converter Protection

What if I have more questions?

If you need more answers or facts, then take a deep dive into our website’s FAQ section here: FAQ Page