Toyota Catalytic Converter Shield Anti Theft Protection Guards

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Toyota Catalytic Converter Shield Anti-Theft Protection Guards

This page contains answers to common questions about MILLERCAT’s Toyota Catalytic Converter Shield Anti-Theft Protection Guards. Find out more about our available shields for preventing the theft of your Toyota’s catalytic converter here. If you have any questions that were not answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

1. Which Toyota models are your Catalytic Converter Shields compatible with?

Protective shells for many different Toyota models are available here. The Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, RAV4, Prius, 4Runner, Corolla, FJ Cruiser, Highlander Hybrid, Sequoia, and Venza are just few of the models that fit this description. For model-specific compatibility information, please refer to our product listings or get in touch with us.

2. What materials are used to make your Cat Shields?

The primary component of our Cat Shields is a 3/16″ thick sheet of excellent Grade 5052 Aluminium. For greater durability and safety, 304 stainless steel may be used in some goods.

3. Are your Cat Shields effective against catalytic converter theft?

Our Cat Shields are built to prevent the theft of catalytic converters in the most effective way possible. They include cutting-edge designs and tamper-proof screws to keep your car’s priceless catalytic converter protected.

4. Can I install the Cat Shield myself, or is professional installation recommended?

Although many of our customers opt to install their shields on their own, we strongly advise having a professional do it to ensure a snug and secure fit. Each product comes with in-depth instructions for setting it up.

5. Do you offer international shipping for your Cat Shields?

We ship worldwide, so yes, please do order from us. For further information about available shipping methods and costs, please get in touch.

6. Do you provide warranty coverage for your Cat Shields?

Please contact our service department or check the product page for details on the available warranty.

7. What makes your tamper-proof screws different from others on the market?

Our innovative design sets our tamper-proof screws apart from the competition. They are designed to be extremely difficult to steal from.

8. Are your Cat Shields compatible with Toyota models that have aftermarket lift kit modifications?

If you’ve installed a substantial aftermarket raise package on your Toyota, especially if it altered the cross member, our Cat Shields may not fit. If you want to make sure the parts will fit in your car, just get in touch and send us some images.

9. Can I purchase additional components like rear shields or tools separately?

For certain models, we do sell optional extras like rear shields and mounting hardware. To see if we have a certain item in stock, browse our listings.

10. What is your fitment commitment for your Cat Shields?

We promise a complete refund and to pay for return postage if our shield does not fit your vehicle and you ordered the right shield for your model. Our top concern is the happiness of our customers.

11. Can your Cat Shields be used in combination with other protective measures?

Our Cat Shields can work alongside other safety systems like surveillance cameras and alarms. Having several deterrents set up can increase the safety of your car.

12. Are your Cat Shields legal and compliant with local regulations?

Our Cat Shields are crafted to adhere to local laws wherever they may be used. However, before making any changes to your car, be sure to check the rules and regulations in your area. Talk to the authorities in your area if you have any special concerns.

13. Do you offer discounts or promotions for bulk orders or multiple shields for different vehicles?

When you buy many shields or make a large order, we do provide deals and discounts. For details on current discounts, please consult our website or get in touch with our support staff.

14. Can I transfer my Cat Shield to another vehicle if I sell my Toyota?

Our Cat Shields may usually be moved to a different car as long as it is the same model. Please get in touch with us, nevertheless, so that we can advise you on the best way to handle the removal and transfer of your data.

15. How do I clean and maintain my Cat Shield to ensure long-lasting protection?

Cat Shield requires nothing in the way of upkeep. Look for indicators of wear and tear or tampering on a regular basis. Use some gentle dish soap and water to clean it. Do not use anything that could scratch or erode the shield’s finish.


Feel free to contact our customer service department at any time if you have any more inquiries or require additional assistance. We’re here to ensure that your car’s catalytic converter stays in good condition.

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