Toyota 4Runner Catalytic Converter Shield Anti Theft Protection Guards

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Toyota 4Runner Catalytic Converter Shield / Anti-Theft Guard FAQ

1. Will this shield fit my Toyota 4Runner?

This MILLERCAT Catalytic Converter Shield is compatible with X-REAS-equipped TRD Sport and Limited 4Runners. If you have a TRD Pro Model or an SR5, SR5 Premium, or SR5, we ask that you get the non-X-REAS version. KDSS-equipped TRD Off-Road vehicles are incompatible.

2. What is the material of this shield?

The shield is constructed from high-quality 5052 Aluminium. It boasts a high-quality sheet that is 14 gauges thick.

3. Are there any special installation requirements for this shield?

While DIY installation is possible, we advise hiring a professional to ensure a secure protection.

4. What kind of screws are included with this shield?

The shield is constructed from high-quality 5052 Aluminium. It boasts a high-quality sheet that is 14 gauges thick.

5. Will this shield work with Lift Kits that modify the chassis crossmember?

Unfortunately, Lift Kits that alter the chassis crossmember are not suitable for use with our shields.

6. Can I pay for expedited shipping for this product?

We do, in fact, provide a faster shipping alternative. However, please be aware that we do not benefit from this service and that any expedited shipping costs will be passed on to you. Please keep in mind that purchases placed after 1:00 pm PST may not ship the same day because shipping services are closed on weekends and holidays.

7. Do you offer international shipping?

We ship worldwide, so yes, please do order from us. For further details, check out the page dedicated to overseas orders.

8. What should I do if I have questions about my X-REAS suspension or the compatibility of this shield?

You can visit this page to learn more about X-REAS suspension and its compatibility. Please get in touch with us if there are any questions you’d like answered.

9. What do I do if I encounter any issues or have questions after receiving my shield?

Please allow us to be of service. For information on our warranty terms and conditions, please see the Warranty Information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries or worries.

10. What can I expect from the quality of MILLERCAT products?

Here at Cat Convertor Protection, we’re proud to offer only the highest quality items. Our shield was built with safety, strength, and longevity in mind. To provide the finest quality available is our primary goal.


For the protection of your catalytic converter, we appreciate your interest in our range of products. We promise to always provide you with superior products and service. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any more questions or require any other support.

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