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MILLERCAT Catalytic Converter Shield / Anti-Theft Guard – 2004-2009 Toyota Prius Gen 2

Comes with the Cat Shield, Deadbolt, installation hardware, tamper-proof screw kit, Cat Shield Protected sticker, and detailed installation guide. The most comprehensive, advanced, and easiest to install Cat Shield is now here. A culmination of years of research, design, and customer feedback has lead us to design a shield that is unlike anything else. Regain the confidence to drive and park where you want with the this ultimate protection.

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We do NOT guarantee our product against theft. Cat Shields are a deterrence device that is meant to discourage theft and/or make it more difficult for thieves to steal your converter. Given the right tools, technique or time, a thief can still take your converter. However, by having a shield, you are significantly increasing your protection against theft. Similar to a car or home alarm, you are making thieves second guess themselves and consider moving onto another target. Deterrence works and we have countless customer accounts and video evidence that converter theft stopped (for those with repeated theft) or thieves looked and moved on to other vehicles.

There is a 30 day return policy window for unused products. Please visit this link for more information.

*We do ask that customers carefully make their purchases and reduce the possibility of returns as much as possible. Help us reduce the carbon footprint of these shields as they are large and expensive to ship.

* Strongest material in the market. Made completely out of 304 stainless steel, you can feel the strength and difference.

Advanced design. This shield looks like it came straight from the factory. It is form fitting and engineered to provide the ultimate protection and function. The shield gives the most clearance to prevent noise and vibration (may even fit some aftermarket converters) and is designed to allow heat to flow out of the shield by reflecting off the heat shield and air to flow in through the front air dam. The shield also provides the smog tech the easiest view of the converter part number.

Easiest install ever. Two rivet nuts installed into two existing holes is all that is needed to install this shield. No drilling!

The Stainless Steel Gen 2 Cat Shield ™ comes with our Deadbolt to protect your front converter from experienced thieves who try to cut the converter from the passenger side wheel well.

Upgrade Options: MILLERCAT Custom Screw Kit. Info on screw options

REQUIRED TOOLS FOR INSTALLATION: Rivet Nut Tool with M6 Mandrel/Head, 1/4″ bit driver, 10mm socket. Installation Guide

*Professional installation recommended. 

**Pro Tip: Replace your exhaust hangers to avoid any chances of rattling. 

* Item may have some surface finish imperfections.

Vehicle makes and models this catalytic converter shield will fit

2004ToyotaPrius Gen 2
2005ToyotaPrius Gen 2
2006ToyotaPrius Gen 2
2007ToyotaPrius Gen 2
2008ToyotaPrius Gen 2
2009ToyotaPrius Gen 2

Catalytic Converter Guard Shipping Information

Customers who need their products right away may want to pay for expedited shipping. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a faster shipping method.

– MillerCAT provides the option for faster shipping but is only a pass through for any charges. We do not make any money off of this service.

– When calculating your possible receive date, please remember that shipping services do not ship on weekends or holidays and that orders received after 1:00pm PST cannot be guaranteed to ship that day.

– Due to COVID and high volume of shipments, carriers are not always able to meet their target shipping times. Please understand we have no control over shipment tracking or times after the product leaves our facilities.

– If you live in California or the West Coast, you may not need that expedited shipping. UPS ground can reach your destination in one to two days.

Thank you for your interest in our products. We will do our best to not only make the best product on the market, but also do what we can to get it to you as fast and as safe as possible.

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2004 2009 Toyota Prius Gen 2 Cat Converter Anti Theft Shield Installation

Customer Reviews for 2004 2009 Prius Gen 2

five stars rating
Easy install

Took me an only an hour to install a new OEM catalytic converter from Toyota and this new Gen 2 shield. I purchased the upgrades security screws and use red loctite for all the threads. My original cat shield only slowed them down but didn’t prevent the thief. Hopefully this new version stops them completely and I think it will I got the 304 stainless version.

five stars rating
Love my Cat Shield!

I don’t want to ever have my catalytic converter on my Prius stolen again, and with my Cat Shield I doubt I ever will!

William Cooper
five stars rating
Great Protection for My Converter

Had my catalytic converter stolen from my Prius. After some online research, I decided to purchase the stainless steel MILLERCAT shield. I was impressed with the construction and had it professionally installed. It’s unbelievable how many converters are stolen in our area. While nothing can totally prevent my converter being stolen I want to make it as difficult as possible. I have recommended this this company and it’s shield to several other Prius owners. So glad I found out about this company, also glad their based in California.

Paulette Salg
five stars rating
only time will tell

After being a victim for the 3rd time i decided to give this shield a try. My insurance company rather pay for a 3k replacement catayltic converter instead of paying for this shield. So i decided to buy it on my own because im just fed up with the surprise of my converter being stolen. Pricey but maybe worth it. i was surprised by how easy it was to install. Did 2 cars in an hour. Quality of stainless steel is very high and i appreciate how form fitting it is. No noise at all when driving. I added a tilt sensor and tied it in with the factory alarm. So with these 2 devices i am hoping i will not be a victim again. Thanks for your quality anti theft device.

Safe in San Francisco
five stars rating
Very fast delivery

So far my catalytic converter has been safe! The shop was able to install the cage quickly. I feel much better with this model protecting my car.

Nicola Cohen
five stars rating
Great Product / Fit No Rattles

Great fit and minimal to no rattles. No reason to have to installed at a shop. Very easy install. The upper collar is a little more difficult to install but OK. A tad expensive for the amount of steel used. If this was twice as thick it’d be perfect.

five stars rating
Complete package!

According to my Toyota dealership, this shield is perfect. Fits well and easy to install. There is no rattling and I feel more confident about parking in public spaces.

Janice Reedus
five stars rating
I still have my cat.

Easy to install and completely silent. Has a air scoop in the front to draw in air over the cat for cooling I’m guessing. I was worried it would scrape because the Prius has little ground clearance as it is but it has not scraped once. It is coupled with a tilt sensor alarm so I’ve done all I can do to save my cat.

Michael Davidson
five stars rating
Great Quality, Fitment, and Easy Install

With no experience with other cat shields, I can say that the R & D into fitment was thorough, and the MillerCAT shield fit perfectly without any modifications required. Great selection in material and thickness, and hardware. Installation was straightforward and understandable to anyone with mechanical aptitude. With the Prius sitting so low, you’ll have to jack up at the appropriate pinch weld locations on the side, then use your floor jack to get the front end up in the air. Once up on jack stands, installation was fairly quick. The only non-standard tool you’ll need is the nutsert or rivit nut installer, with a 6mm-1.0 mandrel.
Would have been good if the instructions said to install the deadbolt piece before installing the actual cat shield.
Would buy from MillerCAT again, the part was excellently made, and the fit was right on.

Jim S
five stars rating
Still have my Catalytic converter.

My MillerCat seems to be working great.

Darryl Coe
five stars rating
So far so good

Looks like a really good quality product. Very easy to put together and install. Highly recommend for Prius owners.

Gregory DC
five stars rating

My mechanic was very happy with the shield.

Susan Stauffacher
five stars rating
Shield is easy to install, deadbolt is a little more challenging

There are two parts to this kit. The under-car shield was really easy to install, and because it is formed to wrap around the cat, does not have the rattle the flat panel shield did.
The Deadbolt up top was more challenging to install – you have to line the bolts up with all the holes (The bolts have shoulders which catch on the plate) while pushing hard enough to compress the spring, hold the deadbolt in place, and concurrently turn the bolt far enough to engage in the threads. I ended up having to modify (cut down) one of the springs by the added thickness of the shield just to get the bolt seated, but once I got it on has worked fine.
I’ve had both the MillerCat flat and this bent Gen 2 shield, and would definitely recommend this bent / multi-part shield instead of the flat panel. I have not had any rattle issues with this kit.

five stars rating
Just buy it!

Really nice product. It fit perfect and is heavy duty. It was missing one **** but a quick phone call and they had another on its way. Great to work with on the phone.

five stars rating
It’s a good value

The shield costs a little less than 10% the price of a new catalytic converter. I wouldn’t just recommend it to a friend, I’ve recommended it to my insurance company.

five stars rating
Perfect solution

Excellent build quality. Complete instructions. The shop I had install it was impressed with the ease of install.

Curtis Y
five stars rating

Excellent product and they answered my question in detail. Will order a second one.

Albert Willard
five stars rating
It Is On

Cat Shield was installed with no issues. So with that; five stars. Won’t know if the addition of the shield was successful until I sell it with no further thiefts.

Rand Ardoin
five stars rating
Amazing Product!

I just had the MillerCat installed and the technician said it was the best built unit he has seen. With a parent who had a catalytic converter stolen from their driveway. I am excited to get this product on my car and stop worrying about where I park it.

Bryce Fingado
five stars rating

The tech who installed mine said it was the first theft prevention, not theft deterrent that he had seen. He was very impressed with it.

Doug Smith
five stars rating
Finally my cat is safe

It has been stolen 3 times and one time they failed because the alarm frightened them away. I feel like a winner when I don’t need to worry if I happen to have the cat or not. Thank you so much for helping me with this problem.

Kirsti Kajamaa
five stars rating
excellent choice product is awesome

It worked great!!! the only minus but not really are the 3 specialty nuts not much torque on them they barely grab and when you try to tighten them up they slip but i did my best and the Cat is now secure… thank you MillerCat
product is top notch the best!!!!

Jesus Quiroz
five stars rating
Cats for 2013 Prius Plug-in and 2005 Prius

I appreciate Sam at Miller Cat, he made sure all went well. I installed the two stainless steel shields using the enclosed instructions – not bad for a guy 69 years old. Just read and understand the instructions before you get under the car and take your tools and hardware with you. While I would not want anyone to attempt to steal my cat converters, I feel good about the security provided by Miller Cats.

Larry Herrera
five stars rating
Peace of mind!

The Cat Shield is super high quality and I feel like it will be an invaluable deterrent to theft. Finally, I have peace of mind!

five stars rating
Gen 2 Prius

Best cat protection out there. The stainless steel version with the upgraded bolts is the way to go. The installation was easy and the final product is secure. Now I have piece of mind parking my car and not having my cat stollen.

Matt Haskins
five stars rating
So much piece of mind

I feel less worry about leaving my car unattended now. I only have to worry about the normal things.

Melissa E
five stars rating
stainless steel

I ordered stainless steel because it is stronger than plain carbon steel. I hope that I do not have the theft happen again to tell you about. it.

Solomon Bruck
five stars rating
Good stuff

So far so good

Adrienne Quinlan
five stars rating
Excellent product!

It arrived well packed and we were able to give to our mechanic and get it installed the day it arrived. We got the stainless steel one with the custom screws. It fit perfectly and we feel so much better knowing our catalytic converter will not be stolen again.

Melisa Baird
five stars rating
Good package

The Gen 2 stainless steel millercat is the the best protection I have seen and it is easy to install.

five stars rating
Easy install, high quality hardware.

I found the SS Millercat Gen2 shield to be an easy unit to install. The instructions are straight forward and precise. The hardware is high quality tamper resistant, requiring proprietary tool bits and sockets that are provided.

five stars rating
Should slow the thiefs down

I was super happy with how quickly we received the guard and got it installed
The following day I saw another Prius up on blocks. The telltale sign of another stolen catalytic converter
Great product and quick response

Kip Summers
five stars rating
Great shield and even better customer service

First off, the stainless steel shield is well-engineered and is doing its job! After my cat was stolen less than 6 hrs after it was replaced (thanks Bay Area), I decided it was worth getting the stainless steel shield upgrade. Almost a week in and I still have my cat, so great deterrent and no regrets. I appreciate the thoughtful design, which doesn’t require drilling into the frame and is compact while still protecting the cat from all angles. Also, save yourself some headache, and just plan on replacing your 2 rubber exhaust hangers (as the instructions suggest).

Second, a huge shout-out to Miller Cat! Their customer service is fantastic, and they went above and beyond when I had an unusual issue with one of my screws. They were super responsive, helped with my install, and even followed-up with my mechanic to explain what happened. So I highly recommend both the shield and the company.

five stars rating
Complete Package

Stainless Steel MILLERCAT 2004-2009 Prius Gen 2 Cat Shield™ Complete Package

Constance Sherak
five stars rating
The Stainless Steel Gen 2 Prius is the best shield available

I have used several other brands for the Prius Gen 2, this Stainless Steel with Best Screws version is the best so far. It is well design and fits perfectly with no modification required as experienced on a 2008 Prius Base model. No drilling is required which is very impressive. Here are a few notes I would like to share. Best to a 13″ long handle nut setter. The front OEM plastic shield need not be reinstalled. Do not use power drivers on the plastic OEM nuts or the Key Bit for the security screws and nuts. Definitely change the 2 rubber exhaust pipe hangers. In my application which is a 2008 Prius base, it did have the issue where the cat would bump into the shield upon acceleration. In addition to their trouble shooting guide, there are several ways to remedy that: 1- space the 4 couplers farther from the body of the car. and 2- add spacer between the shield and the coupler which will require longer screws or 3- replace the 2 hangers but hook it (HOLE to center of the hanger) so it will take the CAT up so there is 1.5″ of clearance. FYI, new hangers that are not OEM are often longer (Hole to Hole) by about 1/8″ such as those sold at Autozone. Or replace the hanger sold by Catshield or get Toyota OEM or get one that has 4 holes for multi position use. From experimenting, 1.5″ clearance will give it a good margin.

edward woo
five stars rating
Hope to beat the Catalytic converter suckers thieves....

Great piece of material. Good communication throughout and delivered as promised. No hesitation in recommending. Installed by Toyota Dealership

Nicolai Luc
five stars rating
Worth the Peace of Mind

When purchasing my 2007 Toyota Prius, I was aware of the risk of the cat converter being stolen. I did my research on theft deterent devices before buying the car, chose Miller Cat and placed an order with for the shield to arrive via Ground delivery. Within the few days the shield was in-transit, the first 5 days I owned the car, a thief stole my cat converter overnight. I cant make this up. My local auto body shop and police explained that they have seen instances of cat converter thieves successfully cutting through the aluminum shields so I spent extra on the 2nd Gen Stainless Steel model, the dead bolt, and special screws, and it was worth every dime for my peace of mind. Shop did not have experience installing this brand of shield but were able to install it with no issues. Photos, attached.

five stars rating
Quality materials and perfect fit

I purchased the MillerCat complete package for my Gen 2 Prius after a neighbor saw thieves looking under my car at 4:30AM. To prevent theft of my converter, I had to squeeze my car into the garage for a few days until I received and installed the Stainless Steel Gen 2 Cat Shield ™ and Deadbolt and haven’t had any problems since. I was very pleased with the weight, quality and fit of the Cat Shield and Deadbolt. The installation instructions were excellent and provide sufficient detail for even a novice mechanic to perform the installation (however, a rivet-nut tool is needed which may deter some from doing it). The only negative I found was the fastener torque spec shown was way above what the hardware could handle. As a result, I stripped the heads (but not the threads) of the MillerCat security nuts and screws when performing the final tightening. I am happy to report that their customer service dept immediately responded to my enquiry and shipped replacement hardware at no cost. Because of others’ review comments describing rattling of the converter to the Cat Shield, I did opt to install new (MillerCat) rubber hangars and didn’t experience any rattling when driven. I couldn’t be happier and whole-heartedly recommend MillerCat for their effective line of quality security products and helpful and supportive customer service staff.

Brian Gorrell
five stars rating
Perfect fit! Installation was very smooth for my mechanic! 👍

Thursday September 23, 2021
…again – Perfect fit! Installation was very smooth for my mechanic! 👍
I had been researching this and researching this. I found that the other CAT-cover-brands were a bit shorter as described in other users reviews. I found that the MillerCAT for my 2007-Toyota-PRIUS would be better suited with longer and better coverage! …both a ‘win’ ‘win’! I would highly recommend other PRIUS GEN-2 owners to get this product. I looked into CAT-cover-brands and found the market to be anywhere from $160.00 -to- $310.00+ Per the MillerCAT?, I see it to be well worth the additional $dollars$!


Shannon : )
five stars rating
Just what the 2005 Prius needs

A Toyota Dealership Service Department installed mine. No need to go to an outside or independent muffler or tire shop. I’m glad Toyota dealership sold the stainless steel cat shield…more strength. Besides, my insurance adjuster advised me to get one too. MILLERCAT’s Sam Lee answered my questions about the product and was very accommodating. Would recommend more Prius owners to get one.

Pat Plott
five stars rating
happy with quality

as a prior aircraft interiors installer we used 2 face tape to hold things in place like the small and large spacers, also I found out its easer to install 4 bolts and ( spacers ) first then the rest next , 1 item I’m not happy with both special anti tamper only lasted tell last bolt was installed and i was carefully installing them.

Damon Morris
five stars rating
Peace of Mind

Knowing I have theft prevention on a brand new catalytic converter puts my mind at ease.

Demetrious Lloyd
five stars rating
Peace of Mind!

I recently had my catalytic converter stolen and was recommended to buy a shield to prevent a subsequent theft. After doing some research, I landed on this bad boy from MillerCAT. After installing the replacement catalytic converter, I had the shield installed. It was pretty easily installed and I’ve had no problems since. I rest easy at night knowing that I won’t be experiencing theft again!

Richard Torres
five stars rating
Feels good to have Cat Shield

I feel good having Cat Shield on my Prius. I ordered the stainless with special tamper proof screws and tools. All arrived safely and quickly snd my local mechanic easily installed it. Thieves be thwarted!!

Sallie Ricks
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