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MILLERCAT Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter Shield / Anti-Theft Guard – 2010-2015 Toyota Prius Gen 3

Fits all 2010-2015 Prius Liftback and Prius Plug-In Trims with OEM converters.

Comes with Cat Shield, installation hardware, tamper-proof screw kit, Cat Shield Protected sticker, and detailed installation guide.

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We do NOT guarantee our product against theft. Cat Shields are a deterrence device that is meant to discourage theft and/or make it more difficult for thieves to steal your converter. Given the right tools, technique or time, a thief can still take your converter. However, by having a shield, you are significantly increasing your protection against theft. Similar to a car or home alarm, you are making thieves second guess themselves and consider moving onto another target. Deterrence works and we have countless customer accounts and video evidence that converter theft stopped (for those with repeated theft) or thieves looked and moved on to other vehicles.

There is a 30 day return policy window for unused products. Please visit this link for more information.

*We do ask that customers carefully make their purchases and reduce the possibility of returns as much as possible. Help us reduce the carbon footprint of these shields as they are large and expensive to ship.

Back Side view of Toyota vios Prius V
Front view of 2012 toyota vios Prius V

Our 304 Stainless Steel Gen 3 Cat Shield™ is the best fitting protection device for your 2010-2015 Prius. You just need one shield to protect all your converters. The shield was carefully measured against the frame of the vehicle to give it the most accurate fit. Spacers, noise dampeners, and 3D features on the shield ensure that there is minimal noise and vibration. The shield covers the most vulnerable areas of the converter and minimizes wasted material.

Fully removable, galvanic corrosion resistant and made from the strongest, hardest material in the market.

Upgrade Options: MILLERCAT Custom Screw Kit.

Info on screw options

Find out the difference between Stainless vs Aluminum catalytic converters

REQUIRED TOOLS FOR INSTALLATION. Rivet Nut Tool with M6 Mandrel/Head, 1/4″ bit driver, 10mm socket, drill, and 25/64 drill bit (no pilot bit). Installation Guide

*Professional installation recommended

Vehicle makes and models this catalytic converter shield will fit

2010ToyotaPrius Gen 3
2011ToyotaPrius Gen 3
2012ToyotaPrius Gen 3
2013ToyotaPrius Gen 3
2014ToyotaPrius Gen 3
2015ToyotaPrius Gen 3

Catalytic Converter Guard Shipping Information

Customers who need their products right away may want to pay for expedited shipping. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a faster shipping method.

– MillerCAT provides the option for faster shipping but is only a pass through for any charges. We do not make any money off of this service.

– When calculating your possible receive date, please remember that shipping services do not ship on weekends or holidays and that orders received after 1:00pm PST cannot be guaranteed to ship that day.

– Due to COVID and high volume of shipments, carriers are not always able to meet their target shipping times. Please understand we have no control over shipment tracking or times after the product leaves our facilities.

– If you live in California or the West Coast, you may not need that expedited shipping. UPS ground can reach your destination in one to two days.

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Catalytic Converter illustration with texts

2010-2015 Toyota Prius Gen 3 Cat Converter Anti Theft
Shield Installation

Customer Reviews for 2010 2015 Prius Gen 3

five stars rating
Awesome product

Highly recommended

B. Diaz
five stars rating
2010-2015 Prius Gen 3

Stainless Steel MILLERCAT 2010-2015 Prius Gen 3 Cat Shield™

Oscar Pena
five stars rating
Nice Product for DIY install.

The cat shield was nicely finished with all parts included, instructions concise and it fit very well. Hardest part was jacking the car high enough to work under it. Hope it works.

Paul Fannin
five stars rating

Excellent Cat Shield!,,

Keith Harada
five stars rating
Happy with self-install

Fine. Installed it myself with some difficulty primarily due to insufficient lift of vehicle on blocks. Finished up second day after buying Auto Lift Ramps from Harbor Freight that provided 8″ lift (plus working in gutter). Used M6 bolt and nut to install RivNuts.
One recommendation would be to provide a bit more relief around perimeter for 2014 Prius Plug-In shield to reduce interference with steel members of vehicle. I had to pull bolts several times during final installation due to installing initial bolts without snuggling shield into final position adequately. Just 1/16″ interference prevents getting far side into position with two bolts installed.
I’m happy with final result. I’m considering dabbing some cement into security socket in premium bolt heads to discourage thief who buys shield to get security bit. Cat thefts are rampant here. Not epoxy, but something easily scraped out by mechanic if necessary but hard for thief to remove if not expecting it. Maybe Duco type cement.

Armin Wright
five stars rating
2010-2015 Prius Gen 3

Stainless Steel MILLERCAT 2010-2015 Prius Gen 3 Cat Shield™

Raj Adyanthaya
five stars rating

The shield’s installation went fine. It took me longer to set up my shop and jack up the Prius than the time to actually install the shield. The car ends up in remote areas a lot and I always worry that I will return to find a vehicle that I cannot drive. Hopefully the installed shield keeps the would-be thief from ruining my day.

Shielded Prius
five stars rating
A Good Buy

Had my shield recently installed by professionals. They said it was one of the highest quality shields they have seen.

five stars rating
Piece of Mind, Piece of Cake

I was going to install a Cat Shield on mine and my daughter’s Prius’ but then my daughter’s convertor got stolen! I should have acted sooner. Insurance covered her loss, and we eventually installed the MillerCat Stainless Steel shields the following week. Delivery was quick, the instructions easy to understand, and the installation was within my skill wheelhouse. The product is solid and the deterrent factor should keep thieves away. I have a friend who owns a 2013 Lexus RX 450h and he wants me to install one on his car. Do you make a shield to fit this make and model?

Mark Geyer
five stars rating
High quality!

High quality. Shipped quickly. List of companies who install shield on their website.

five stars rating
Much peace of mind with Gen3 shield


Lynette Malkes
five stars rating
Great instructions, a rare thing now days. No funky Chinese translated garbage.

Fast shipping. well packed.
Easy to install, instructions and pics were great.
I learned how to install rivnuts, which wasn’t hard.
If your handy, you will breeze through this install. I did.
This is a quality kit, I got the upgraded SS model and the upgraded fastener kit. Glad I did.
I installed the high quality rubber strips where the instructions said and have had no rattles.

five stars rating
Protecting the Prius!

Arrived quickly and in perfect shape. Followed the installation instructions and had it on in 90 minutes. Had a bit of a rattle so I’m changing out the exhaust hangers. Feel more protected now.

Tony Souza
five stars rating
Works well without rattling with some extra bending

I spray-painted it bright orange, hopefully this will make it work even better as a visible deterrent. The local muffler shop that installed it had only done about 6 other installs before and all the others had been on Gen 2 Priuses (theft isn’t rampant yet in our area). Looking at this shield with fresh eyes and comparing it to the Gen 2 shield, they were quite worried it would rattle and said they had to get creative and bend it a bit extra in some places to reduce the likelihood of rattling. Their efforts worked well (it doesn’t rattle at all) and allowing a little bit of extra space for clearance may be valuable if you are planning on doing your own install.

five stars rating
This shield is well made!

This shield is well made and arrived quickly. The mechanic who installed it was very impressed!

Julie Schroeder
five stars rating
Quality Product Easy Install

I ordered a Stainless Steel MillerCat for our 3rd Gen Toyota Prius and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

The shield was shipped very fast and arrived very well packaged and sooner than I expected.

The shield is very well constructed and looks to be high quality. It does look as though it will deter potential thieves from stealing the catalytic converter or at least slow them down enough to give up and move on.

Installation was easy, I am comfortable with basic car maintenance and by no means do I consider myself an expert mechanic, so your mileage may vary. Watch the installation videos on the Mlercat website, along with the following video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/U_4ThujAbio, to get a feel for the process and tools needed.

I recommend installing one, I understand the price is not cheap, but compared to both the hassle and cost of having your catalytic converter stolen, I say it is worth the financial sacrifice. I feel more comfortable parking our Prius overnight out on the street now.

Christian E.
five stars rating
Received very good professional customer service

Excellent company to do business with and based on my experience with this company I would not hesitate to do business with them again.

Lewis V. Smith
five stars rating
Added security and reassurance

Cat thefts are increasing in my area. I ordered the MILLERCAT shield on the recommendation of my dealer. Had it installed at a local garage. The mechanics there loved it, found it easy to install and reassured me it was a “ great investment”.

five stars rating
2014 Prius Plug-in

High quality catalytic converter shield! I had it installed by my mechanic. It definitely helps make me sleep better at night knowing that my car is protected from cat converter theft.

five stars rating

Awesome quality and fit!

Brad Mears
five stars rating

Thank You!

Michael Giammaria
five stars rating
3rd Gen Prius

Install was pretty straight forward, you will definitely need a rivet nut tool, I got mine at harbor freight and it worked fine, you’ll need to put your Prius up high on jack stands so that you can do the job correctly, time will tell if this gadget keeps the car thieves from taking my wife’s cat!

Joe Sandoval
five stars rating
Gen 3 Millercat ss install

The shield has a good look and feel (the edges are crisp but didn’t cut or snag if carefully handled). The installation was well detailed in the instruction sheet and went off easily with no problems. The biggest issue is getting sufficient clearance under the car to work. I used a mandrill with a wrench and hex key to install the rivnuts and they went in easily and securely with no problems. The hardest part is drilling the holes for the back nuts. Its hard to get enough pressure on the drill to get it to cut through the metal. I also use the shield as a drill guide rather than just using it as a marking guide.The 25/64 drill is the same size as the shield hole so it lined up easily and reduced the drill wander as it started. In all the installation was not difficult for me.

Alan Fronk
five stars rating
Well designed with straight forward installation.

Only had 2 issues installing the Cat Shield but still giving 5 stars because of the great customer service I received on the phone. First I discovered I was short 3 of the custom screws. A quick phone call and the lady that answered the phone said they would have them in the mail that day. Second neither my wife nor myself could get the white tape off of the foam (without destroying it) in order to stick it to the Cat Shield. Another phone call and they had three new foam pieces in the mail with the tape removal already started. Really great customer service. Thank you. The new foam that we received was easy to remove the tape from, even from the end that hadn’t been start. The installation instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. Some people are mentioning the screw heads stripping out. I can see that might be a problem if you don’t get the tool properly seated in the screw head or you try to over torque them. I’m so pleased with the product, I purchased another Cat Shield to install on my Grandsons 09 Prius this weekend.

five stars rating
High Quality Product

I purchased a steel cat-shield for my 2010 Prius. I was impressed with the level of quality and didn’t have to do any fussing around to get it installed. All the parts fit correctly and everything went up without a fuss.

The higher you can lift your car, the better. I used ramps and that was sufficient to get it done, but not comfortable.

five stars rating
2010-2015 Prius Gen 3

Stainless Steel MILLERCAT 2010-2015 Prius Gen 3 Cat Shield™

Patrick Monahan
five stars rating

Too soon to tell

Dan Schurz
five stars rating
Great product but wish it wasn't needed

Great product, high quality, easy install. Drilling was straightforward, rivnuts were high quality and installed easy peasy. Just wish I didn’t need a cat guard where I live lol but it ees what it ees

Roland Kapfer
five stars rating
Great Quality, Fast Delivery, Peace of Mind

Install video for the the Gen 3 Prius was terrific as were the written instructions with the kit. Fitment was spot on but did run into a small snag with the 3 rubber dampeners. The backing tape pulled the sticky part off the rubber. I carefully pulled the tape off and used double sided molding tape to adhere them to the stainless cat shield. Otherwise the install was a breeze and took me 90 minutes from start to finish..

Michael Randall
five stars rating
Well made, thought out design and solid piece of mind

The Stainless Cat Shield is well designed and well manufactured. Installation was simple as drilling a few holes and installing nutserts. I was able to complete installation in my driveway in an hour with jack stands and the correct tools. The instructions guide you through installation effortlessly, follow them, especially helps lining up the rear holes for drilling.

I choose stainless because it’s harder and more difficult to cut than aluminum, likely damaging a thief’s saw blades. It will make A LOT of noise if attempting to remove with a saw, further reducing the likelihood of cat theft.

My Prius is typically parked inside, but when I do park outside, I no longer worry about my cat being there in the morning. Small insurance/investment for piece of mind; saving thousands of dollars and time if cat did get stolen.

five stars rating
I have to trust the installer

The stainless steel shield I took to Everett Autoworks (found them on your site) was installed- since I didn’t actually see it nor did I crawl under the car after, I can only hope it was up on correctly.
They were NOT aware that you had the stainless steel shields available. More communication might help. I wanted SS so I ordered it and took it to them.

five stars rating
Very good shield

Awesome. No rattle .easy to install with correct tools. Stainless more hard to cut thus better protection from thieves. Installed on two jack stands at home

five stars rating
My mechanic liked it

Fit my 2012 plug-in Prius well. Mechanic says it appears to be a good product and that my converter will not get stolen now. Took about an hour or so for him to install it. I did not order the extra special bolts which I think aren’t necessary.

Jen C
five stars rating
2010-2015 Prius Gen 3

Stainless Steel MILLERCAT 2010-2015 Prius Gen 3 Cat Shield™

five stars rating
Time will tell

In stainless steel I ordered both the most upgraded (maxx) model and the tamper-proof screws. Installation is complete. We will see over time whether this deters catalytic converter theft, which motivated this purchase.

David K
five stars rating
Stainless steel MillerCat shield for 2013 Prius

The shield is fantastic! I took my Prius to a muffler shop for the install. The crew said the directions were easy to follow, it only took them 30 minutes to install. (In fact, they stated it was much easier than other brands they’ve previously installed.)

I highly suggest NOT taking your car to the Toyota dealership for the install. Yes, I realize they are considered “certified” installers but when I called the Toyota dealership for a price quote- they stated it would cost $385!! When I asked why it would be so high (knowing from these comments that the average install time is 30 minutes, w/ the proper tools and lift) they claimed it would take them 2.5 hours to install! So no, I do not suggest taking your car to the dealership. They will rip you off. There are plenty of reputable companies/businesses that can assist. Just call and ask if they have experience installing catalytic shields. Easy.

Since the install, I worry much less about leaving my car unattended. Most thieves will see the stainless steel shield, and will move onto the next car. It’s too time consuming and can be too loud for them to attempt to saw it off your car without drawing attention to themselves.
I’ve had no issues with rattling or any noise.

Phoenix, AZ
five stars rating
Perfect Fit on 2010 Prius

Installed MILLERCAT 2010-2015 Prius Gen 3 Cat Shield™ on my 2010 Prius. Easy installation since I had the proper tools. Well made product. Does not rattle or make any noise.

five stars rating
Quality Car Shield

My mechanic claimed that it was very easy to follow installation instructions and that it was a very well made shield. I feel/hear no rattling. He said he’s going to purchase one for his own Prius.

Hacienda Heights, CA
five stars rating
Two cats.

Installed on two cars, a 2015 Prius and a 2017 Prius. The 2015 was the hardest due to the fact that the car has to be raised so high ignorer to use the blind rivet tool. Would not recommend self-installation unless you have the ability to get the cars up quite a ways off the ground. The shields themselves are good quality, but they should be for the price—almost $500 for two.

Thomas Fagan
five stars rating
DIY install

This was my second install. The first was installed onto a Prius V and that was pretty easy, still had the same issue as this one. On this install, having a small drill would have been better (or get a step drill bit). I had a older ryobi drill and putting under the car with the long drill bit wasn’t going to work. So I used small diameter drill bits first (because the bits were shorter), then as I drill through, I started going up in size, which meant that the drill bits got longer. By doing this way, I didn’t have to drill side ways with the 25/64” drill bit. I have already jacked the car up as high as I can. I think recommending a step drill bit, may have been better than getting a 25/64″ drill bit. Color pics would have been better, but again I just went to the website to get the color ones. No rattle noted.

Richard Y
five stars rating

Easy directions; instruction should include note to see clearer color pictures at company web site. No rattle observed.

five stars rating
SS Gen3 Shield

Superfast delivery! Awesome quality! Supremely engineered! Very detailed instructions, follow them to a T or you’ll damage something! Highly recommended!

five stars rating
Pretty easy to install

Followed the instructions, everything was straightforward. No complaints other than those pesky foam pads. It was really hard to get the backing sheets off, I called for help to see if there was a secret handshake – there was and that was my only hiccup. Good product, good customer service. Hoping this protects me from the wave of thefts going on in my city.

Justin Cook
five stars rating
best on the market

I choose this product I feel is the best on the market and I can sleep better at night not worrying about my catalytic get stolen

michael chen
five stars rating
2010 Prius Stainless Steel DIY Install

After reading many reviews on line about the vibration and noise from aluminum theft plates; and a recommendation from the local Toyota dealer. We went with the Stainless Steel Theft Plate. Install was very straight forward; with exception of going slow on the drill out of the hole by the fuel line as per the instructions. The plate fastened right up snug and tight. One note: the edges on the plate are sharp so handle the plate with care. Took about an hour as I went slow and double checked my work on the install.

Brian M.
five stars rating
Protection Against Thieves

Given all the news and word of mouth reports about stolen Prius catalytic coverters, it was time to fight back with the only device chosen by Toyota itself.
I purchased the Stainless Steel device for Gen 3, with tamper proof screws and Miller Cat was able to help me locate an installer. The device is well designed and does not rattle! Worth every penny for peace of mind! Thank you MillerCat!

Cynthia J.
five stars rating

Really good quality and looks like it will work out well!

Steve Weber
five stars rating
Happy With the Purchase!

Happy with the purchase, I would recommed to anyone who owns a Prius. Fast shipping I went with the stainless steel option because of the strength.

Ezequiel O.
five stars rating
Solid product, professional quality

After many home strategies to prevent our catalytic converter from being stolen, we decided to add this layer of deterrent to the arsenal. We chose the stainless steel version for strength and long term durability. Item came in reasonable time and seemed to have everything needed for our local mechanic to install it. No rattle. Can’t tell its on the car unless you look under. Since some people don’t know how to behave, this is a good addition to our Priuses, hopefully discouraging the thieves from trying on our vehicle.

Jan Day
five stars rating
Get quality product

The price is more expensive than any other brands out they are more than double, but the quality of built is like original Toyota Prius part. It fit perfectly, the front insulated materials and the two rear spacer prevent the Shield from vibration and noise. So far I do not have any vibration or noise, I followed the instruction by reading the installation instruction carefully. This shield is not aluminum, it is stainless steel. I spend alot of times look at Youtube on many diferences types Gen 3 Prius catalytic converter protection, all the comments on Youtube are noise. I waned to buy another shield protection for Kia Niro from this company, Millercat, but they make most for all Generations Prius, some Lexus, certain year model Honda Element. As an electrician, I know how easy to ripped saw an aluminum, but stainless steel are tought. This Cat Shield from Millercat company is Profesional Grade, in my opinion it is Toyota Grade. I rather spend more on quality product than cheap product that have issues, just like Toyota it is quality built vehicle. I do not used electric impact or drill driver to installed the security screws, as an electrician I personally know electric impact or drill driver will damage the security bit itself or the securiry screws. I used Torque screwdriver to torques the 6mm secueity bolt.

Vuth K.
five stars rating
Great piece of engineering

I am very pleased with the CatShield (I purchased the stainless version) and it does provide peace of mind knowing my cat is protected. My local Toyota dealer installed it without a problem for about $200- very pleased pleased with this purchase.

five stars rating
Stainless steel converter shield

Best quality 2x the price of aluminum, I think it’s priced high but the best quality

Robert Cook
five stars rating
Sleeping Better

My welcome to California gift after a cross country road trip from Florida in my ’14 Prius. I go it shipped to my hotel and shipping was almost next day. The local Miller recommended shop installed it. Fit was easy and took less then 45mins and looks really good, strong. No change in cabin sound or rattles. I would recommend this product.

five stars rating
Love it!

I got a muffler shop to install it for me, and they said it’s a really good one since it’s harder to go through. I know it is just a shield, but it puts my mind to peace, so it’s a happy purchase!

Jenny Lin
five stars rating
2013 Prius

The shield went on with a breeze. The fit was perfect.

Richard Morimoto
five stars rating
2010-2015 Prius Gen 3

Stainless Steel MILLERCAT 2010-2015 Prius Gen 3 Cat Shield™

Margaret Frane
five stars rating
Excellent product

Installed the latest Cat stainless steel. Very easy to get it installed. Car works fine and have no issues so far.

Atul Wagle
five stars rating

NICE !!!

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