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MILLERCAT Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter Shield / Anti-Theft Guard – 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L 4×4

Protect your Toyota Tacoma 4×4 with our 304 stainless steel Cat Shield. Our three piece design is a complete bolt-on application (no rivet nuts needed) that provides the highest level of deterrence against catalytic converter theft.

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We do NOT guarantee our product against theft. Cat Shields are a deterrence device that is meant to discourage theft and/or make it more difficult for thieves to steal your converter. Given the right tools, technique or time, a thief can still take your converter. However, by having a shield, you are significantly increasing your protection against theft. Similar to a car or home alarm, you are making thieves second guess themselves and consider moving onto another target. Deterrence works and we have countless customer accounts and video evidence that converter theft stopped (for those with repeated theft) or thieves looked and moved on to other vehicles.

There is a 30 day return policy window for unused products. Please visit this link for more information.

*We do ask that customers carefully make their purchases and reduce the possibility of returns as much as possible. Help us reduce the carbon footprint of these shields as they are large and expensive to ship.

Will not work with Lift Kits that modify the chassis

– Our shields come with the industry leading tamper-proof screws that you cannot purchase anywhere while other competitors use common torx bits.
– Our Tacoma shield minimizes holes for thieves to cut through. Our stamped louvers and logos provide ample heat dissipation while showing that your shield was made with MILLERCAT quality and manufacturing capabilities.

Installation Guide

Vehicle makes and models this catalytic converter shield will fit

YearMakeModelEngine SizeTransmissionNotes
2016ToyotaTacoma3.5L2WDFits automatic or manual transmission and with the TRD Skid Plate
2017ToyotaTacoma3.5L2WDFits automatic or manual transmission and with the TRD Skid Plate
2018ToyotaTacoma3.5L2WDFits automatic or manual transmission and with the TRD Skid Plate
2019ToyotaTacoma3.5L2WDFits automatic or manual transmission and with the TRD Skid Plate
2020ToyotaTacoma3.5L2WDFits automatic or manual transmission and with the TRD Skid Plate
2021ToyotaTacoma3.5L2WDFits automatic or manual transmission and with the TRD Skid Plate
2022ToyotaTacoma3.5L2WDFits automatic or manual transmission and with the TRD Skid Plate
2023ToyotaTacoma3.5L2WDFits automatic or manual transmission and with the TRD Skid Plate

Catalytic Converter Guard Shipping Information

Customers who need their products right away may want to pay for expedited shipping. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a faster shipping method.

– MillerCAT provides the option for faster shipping but is only a pass through for any charges. We do not make any money off of this service.

– When calculating your possible receive date, please remember that shipping services do not ship on weekends or holidays and that orders received after 1:00pm PST cannot be guaranteed to ship that day.

– Due to COVID and high volume of shipments, carriers are not always able to meet their target shipping times. Please understand we have no control over shipment tracking or times after the product leaves our facilities.

– If you live in California or the West Coast, you may not need that expedited shipping. UPS ground can reach your destination in one to two days.

Thank you for your interest in our products. We will do our best to not only make the best product on the market, but also do what we can to get it to you as fast and as safe as possible.

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Customer Reviews for 2016 2022 Toyota Tacoma

five stars rating
Steel Shield for 2022 Tacoma

The installation is pretty simple. Very easy to assemble, bolt on and plug and play. There was one issue, the right front corner edge of the bottom plate, would not sit flush against the TRD factory OEM skid plate. I could feel where the edge wasn’t cut rounded enough to allow it to sit flush, therefore I couldn’t insert the three front screws to complete the install. I removed everything 3 times and shifted the shield every way i could, but it would never sit flush due to the corner not fitting. Eventually I just used a Dremel tool to round out the corner until i was able to properly get the shield to sit flush. That added an hour to the install. But if everything goes well the install should only take 30 minutes. Overall, the product looks and feels like quality and the installation is easy. Definitely would recommend and it should be a must have item for every vehicle. Especially trucks and SUVs.

Scott Treadway
five stars rating
Good bit of Kit

Reasonably easy to install. Otherwise out of sight out of mind. And that’s good.

Branson T.
five stars rating
5 star

Easy install

Jim McGilligan
five stars rating
Peace of mind.

Ordered the stainless steel plate and was quite surprised to find out that it is really high quality stainless. Being in New England, it will probably outlast the truck. Very satisfied with fit and finish. Highly recommend.

Jesse Bitgood
five stars rating
Still waiting on truck

Still waiting on delivery of my truck, hopefully by end of the month. First look at the kit it definitely looks like a quality product.

five stars rating
Stainless steel cat shield

Easy install about 30-45 min solo. Fit perfect and no rattling sound when driving. Would recommended and buy again if needed.

Max Crago-Schneider
five stars rating
great product

A great product and now piece of mind.

Roger Riesgraf
five stars rating
Quality / Ease !!!

First off the ease of obtaining such a product was phenomenal, from search to checkout and delivery, everything was Great!!!!!
Product itself…….Awesome, the fit it and finish couldn’t have been better. I have suggested this to many of my Tacoma and tundra peeps.
This is a great investment to slow down the ones trying to acquire catalytic converters. Great job team, and thank you

five stars rating
Perfect fit, simple directions

Installation was simple but took a bit of time. Doable without help but help would have been nice. Got the truck today, put the Cat Shield on this evening. First thing I did when I got the truck home.

Brian Jones
five stars rating
DIY can be done smoothly

I am so proud that I was able to install the #Catshield all by myself with No Ramp under a Tacoma 2022 OR with no additional lift.

I did it by using a zip tie and a basic hydraulic lift to held the shield in place. The zip tie was a great technique coz, once I connected the tie between the shield and Tacoma all I needed to do is zip it up and align. I did cut it after bolts were in placed.

The dealership price to install was $160 plus tax. Catshield was not included on the price.

I bought the shield at the catshield website and got a discount when I clicked the link of Chloe Kuo in her youtube demo. THANKS CHLOE! You ROCK!

Bob Harimata
five stars rating
Perfectly fit

Perfectly fit

Julius Ines
five stars rating
Peace of Mind You Can Do Yourself

Purchased the steel shield as a deterrent for catalytic converter thefts. Seems sufficiently sturdy, and used blue loctite on some of the screws for added insurance. Needed some help to install it, which made the process that much easier, although I didn’t even have to lift the truck to do so. Almost considered painting it black, but looks pretty good even though you won’t regularly see it. I’m glad I purchased it, and hopefully I never have to purchase it again, at least not for this truck.

five stars rating
Great Product

Great product (stainless steel version), perfect fit (on V6 4×4), super fast standard shipping. I bought three lock washers and washers for the screws that go into the crossmember front plate. Instruction sheet did not call for them but I felt better adding them. Helpful tip, use a floor jack with a rag to hold the plate in place during install if you do not have an extra person helping. Overall, five stars!

Steve N.
five stars rating
2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma

Stainless Steel MILLERCAT 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L 4×4 Cat Shield™

Larry Marks
five stars rating
Easy to install!

Great customer service and came quickly in the mail!

Andrew Aviles
five stars rating
Great quality and a great product

Purchased the steel version for my ’17 ****. Ran into a snag during installation, reached out to the folks at Millercat and they’ve been great to work with. Got my issue resolved with tremendous customer support! Build quality on the plates themselves is top notch!

five stars rating
Stainless shield

2 holes weren’t lined up. So I had to drill & grind.

Leroy Johnson
five stars rating
Fantastic build quality, fast shipping

I purchased the stainless steel variant cat shield for my 2020 Tacoma trd off-road. It was easy to install, no drilling onto the vehicles frame. Well worth the money to keep the thieves away from your fatalistic converters.

Christian Izaguirre
five stars rating
Easy to install. Well built.

Came well packaged, clear instructions. Took about an hour to install. Happy with customer service due to a slight delay in delivery which was corrected quickly.

Brodie Leap
five stars rating

Fit like a glove.

Lawrence Ballard
five stars rating
Good product

Installed this on a 2022 tacoma in less than 30 minutes. Product was shipped the same day I ordered it. It fits perfect. Looks like it will do as designed, making the would be thieves job more difficult.

alan in Tennessee
five stars rating
It’s good product

For the screws I think you should include a 3/8 ratchet bit for both of the tamper proof screws it would make it easier for install instead of sending just quarter inch stuff you also should put a hole for access transmission fluid so it can be changed at a later date so you don’t have to pull the whole panel down and get charged more to remove the panel for maintenance But still easy to install

Bee Bivins
five stars rating
2020 toyota tacoma trd sport cat shield

This product is amazing.fits like a glove super satisfy with the purchase.their customer service is super Lily was the best super friendly and professional. Thank you miller cat for a awesome product

Oscar Flechas
five stars rating
‘22 Toyota Tacoma SECURED!!!

MILLERCAT SHIELD IS AWESOME!!! Fitment was perfect. I can sleep better at night now knowing my Catalytic converters are protected from thieves.

Steve Acauvera
five stars rating
Easy install and fast shipping

The shipping was fast. Quality was excellent nice thick stainless sheen. Install was a breeze with ramps. Only downside was the security torx screws. Anyone can buy the bits at local hardware store. I opted to put black silicone in the head of the screws that will need to be cleaned out in order to remove. Fact is if theifs want it they will get it. I just want to make it as difficult as possible to deter them away.

five stars rating

Awesome product. Easy install , easier with 2 people.

five stars rating
Well made good quality

The instructions could be amended to install the cat shield on a truck with the TRD skid plate installed. To make the cat shield install easier loosen the TRD skid plate, but do not remove. Do not install the left side shield on the cat shield. Install the right side as instructed and install the cat shield on the truck as instructed. With the left side off you can easily reach in and attach the three nut plate to hold down the front of the shield. With the TRD skid plate loose you can wiggle everything into place. The cat shield is so well made you need to wiggle the TRD skid plate to get the cat shield to fall into place to match up with the TRD skid plate. Lastly install the left side shield. All in all I’m very happy.

Timothy Owen
five stars rating

Good production .

Thanh Tran
five stars rating
Love it!

Love it. Fits like a glove and easy to install. Well worth the money.

David Lester
five stars rating
Great protection and piece of mind

This is a great product to protect your cat! I installed myself in about 90 minutes. Everything fit perfectly and it looks great too. Don’t hesitate to buy this.

Daniel Selby
five stars rating
Fits like a glove…. A stainless glove! 🧤

Ordered the stainless version for my 2022 Tacoma Off Road. The plates fit like a glove. No issues. The only difficult step was the forward three screws, but I had a tiny-hand helper get them started.

Cheap investment for the world we live in today.

I’m very happy with the quality of construction and ease of installation.

Joseph Leachman
five stars rating
2021 Toyota Tacoma 4x4

I’m very happy with the purchase of my cat shield protection for the catalytic converters. Feel more comfortable and not worry to find my catalytic stolen. Highly recommend and friendly installation. Product well finish. Thanks

Jorge Lopez
five stars rating
All and all, great product

Quick shipping and very easy to install. It does flex and vibrate when engine is running and makes noise intermittently – maybe a reinforcement or some dampers would be great to quiet it down. Other than that I’m very happy with it.

Anna V.D.
five stars rating
Great Shield

Well made quality chuck of steel. Happy with the protection that this offers in today’s world.

Steven Bell
five stars rating
Make it harder for cat thieves with 45mins install

Well, 45mins was not accurate. I spent an extra 15mins to make sure all my parts are complete and preinstall the parts together as one piece. About 20 mins spent trying to get the upper plates on the front of the shield to position the 3 long screws securing the shield in place was all done blind, by feel. Maybe the design for the 3 holes plate can be improved for easier installation by pre stamping each holes with dimples so it can fall into place of the wholes on the top of the chassis?

I had a false start after got the shield due to a missing **** key. John from MillerCat quickly corresponded and I got the key 2days later via USPS. So, check your packaging parts.

All in all, a deterrence to the cat thieves is better than nothing. Easy install. I like the fact that I don’t have to drill anything into the Tacoma chassis.

T Nguyen
five stars rating
Catalytic converter shield

As described. Very fast shipping. Highly recommended.

gerardo parra
five stars rating
Fits Like a Glove

This is a well engineered product. I recommend the stainless steel over the aluminum not only for the Cat Protection but because the tougher stainless steel provides additional skid protection for the transmission. I installed it by myself but had to use a floor jack to hold the assembly in place so I could have both hands to install the bolts.

Thomas M
five stars rating
Tacoma Cat Shield

If it will deter potential thieves, it’s a fraction of the cost to replace the cats. The fit and finish is very good. All the bolts were very easy to install.
It doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty cool!

Rob Barreras
five stars rating
Fit perfect

Fit perfect. Love the stainless steel. Installed no problem. Feel much safer with MillerCat protecting my new truck. Thank you for a great product.

Steve G.
five stars rating
Easy to install and sturdy.

Happy with the stainless steel protection I have gained from installing the miller cat shield. There has been a rash of thefts at work but now I feel a lot better about leaving my vehicle in the parking lot with the shield. I am happy to spend a few hundred dollars and some time to install it and save me a bunch of trouble down the road. Install was not difficult; was able to get it installed on my own. But, I wish it had some torque values to stick to to make sure it doesn’t come loose but after two long drives of 4 hours plus. It is still holding strong. I give it five stars fully.

Mason F
five stars rating
Quick Cat Shield

Well made product, good quality materials and hardware, easy to install and no drilling! Peace of mind, but probably not an absolute protection from the determined thieves. Recommended. Stainless Steel feels very tough!

Jonathan Y….
five stars rating
Awesome product

Bought this product for my Tacoma, easy to install.

Ilse Schackmann
five stars rating
Good product

Very easy to install and well made .

Oscar Pacheco
five stars rating
2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma

Stainless Steel MILLERCAT 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L 4×4 Cat Shield™

Lisa Stinson
five stars rating
Great Modification

This easy install CAT shield is great. I have to park my truck often in lower traffic areas for extended periods of time and this mod gives me some piece of mind.

George Jones
five stars rating
Definitely 5 stars

I know someone whose catalytic converter was stolen 9 days after she bought the truck. Didn’t want that to happen to me so I ordered this. Very well made and easy to install yourself – IF you use a floor jack to raise the shield into place while you bolt it in. Took about 90 minutes to install. Quality product. Recommend watching Chloe Cuo’s youtube videos for example of how to install.

five stars rating
High Quality Easy to Install

So far fantastic, i live in the LA area, and new tacomas are a target for Cat Theft. So having one is a must. Took about 2.5 hours to install alone. but can be done faster with help.

The only change id want is a price drop.

$260 for Aluminum and $325 for Steel seems much more reasonable

James Honer
five stars rating
Effective And Looks Great!

Purchased one for my ‘17 Tacoma after a coworker got his cat stollen in our parking garage of all places! Easy install for the most part, looks rugged, a little on the pricey side, but worth the protection of having to buy a replacement cat!

Ray N.
five stars rating
Easy to install

This was bought as cheap supplemental insurance for my new Taco. The girl (14) and I installed it in about an hour. Only complaint was the torque specs listed. The instructions listed a pretty broad spec range so we ended up going with “it feels pretty tight”. Overall the quality, design, and installation instructions are excellent. Despite the duties and taxes costing me an extra hundred bucks (not your fault), thanks for shipping to Canada. I think my product research has paid off.

Steve M
five stars rating
Great product and fairly easy install

I installed it myself. I used a floor jack to hold the plate in place while I bolted it to the frame. I recommend blue loctite on the screws and bolts.
Toughest Part was the 3 bolts thru the front frame , but overall not to hard.
instructions we’re pretty straight forward.
I would highly recommend this product

joseph Poehlmann
five stars rating
Cat Shield

Great product and quality! However I am having to return it because which I just bought already has one and I was made to think that I didnt and I didnt check to see and just ordered it. Sorry

Michael Badal
five stars rating

Great should deter thieves

Anthony Sablan
five stars rating
Fits perfectly

It was easy to install if you have a lift.

Johnny Giram
five stars rating
Get Piece of Mind With MillerCat

Get piece of mind knowing that your cats are protected from thieves. Hopefully they see the shield and move on. I chose the 316 stainless steel because it is hard to cut through with a reciprocating saw, used JB Weld on the threads holding the wings to the base and Loc-Tite the threads that hold the shield onto frame for extra protection. Easy straight forward installation instructions. Very happy with the product so far.

David Nguyen
five stars rating
Good product

Fit is good. I did grind .030 from one of the tabs at the front for better fit with the TRD skid plate. Watch Chloe Kuo’s YouTube channel for a great installation video. That’s how I heard about this product. I had been looking for a cat shield in stainless for a few months when I saw her video. I bought it the same day. I received it the same week. Installed in about two hours by myself. It will be faster with help. I used some 1/4 inch tubing on the upper edge and electrical mastic on frame contact points to deaden any potential vibration noise. I recommend the purchase of this shield. It makes zero noise on or off road. 2020 Tacoma TRD off road.

five stars rating
Great quality and fits perfect

The quality is outstanding and worth the money. No drilling and a perfect fit.

Efren Galindo
five stars rating
Get one now !

Such a great design , and very easy to install myself. The shield was actually more heavy duty than I had expected . Super stoked on the fitment, and also the protection it gives!

Charles W Boucher
five stars rating
Really a no brainer.

Fact 1: people steal catalytic converters.
Fact 2: being the victim of Fact 1 sucks and is expensive and inconvenient. Happened to my next door neighbor in his driveway. If you have a $500 insurance deductible, buying this shield costs less than paying your insurance to replace a Cat. Added bonus you don’t have to drive without an exhaust system for weeks while you wait to get repairs.

So, yeah. Spend a little to save a lot.

Or just hope thieves never target your Taco.

But as my dad says: “Hope into one hand and $#!t into the other and see which one fills up faster.”

five stars rating
Piece of mind!!

The Cat shield for my ’21 Tacoma fit like a glove! Easy install. Very high quality product. Gives me a great piece of mind! Thank’s for the great product!!

Gerald Winebarger
five stars rating
It is so awesome!


Jessica Nguyen
five stars rating
Tacoma 3.5L Steel shield

I absolutely like their products. Easy to install. No need to drill holes. The steel version is solid build shield. I had them on all my Toyotas. I had a little problem with one of the security bolts and brackets. Customer service got back to me right away and sent me replacements. I have to say that their customer service is top notch 🙂 Thanks to the entire MillerCat team!!!!

C. W.
five stars rating
installation was not too bad, everything fit perfectly

it will certainly slow down a thief.

James Chesley
five stars rating
MillerCAT for a 2022 Toyota Tacoma trd off road

Came relatively quick and everything was packaged nicely. Setup/installation took about an hour with no absolutely no drilling needed. The easy installation and quality steel parts and security screws gives me piece of mind with all the thefts happening around my neighborhood. Would recommend to anyone looking for catalytic converters protection

five stars rating
Tacoma Cat Shield

The assembly of the 3 main parts was super easy. The center shield and the 2 side wings I assembled in my living room and checked to see that I had all of the screws/bolts. The following weekend I installed the shield under my truck.
The instructions on your website and the enclosed printed instructions were very good. Now, no one should think the installation will be as smooth as spreading butter on hot toast, but along with the practical advice in the instructions it helps to leave all of the screws slightly loose to allow you to slightly shimmy the shield into position with all screws installed, then tighten all screws. I also applied blue thread sealant to the screws

five stars rating
Love it

Easy install and very good workmanship.

Robert Keel
five stars rating
Millercat 2016-2022 Tacoma

Product is great with one minor exception. I recommend that all the mounting screws have the same size **** head as the larger screws. Given the screws should be torqued, the smaller screws are more susceptible to the head stripping. This occurred for me with one of the smaller screws used to mount the outside fins. The larger head screws allows for better engagement with the specialized tool and lessen the chance of stripping it out. Also, it eliminates the need for two tools versus one.

Charles Williams
five stars rating
Tacoma Shield fits like a glove

Consistent MillerCat quality and prompt installation at approved local Cat Shield installer.

Daniel Davids
five stars rating
2022 Tacoma Off Road MT install

Install was very easy and straight forward. Getting the front bracket lined up was the only tricky part that required a little patience. Overall very happy. I had a cat stollen from another vehicle about a year ago while parked at Home Depot. I was glad to see that these were available when I got my new truck!

Daniel Martinez
five stars rating
Absolute need

My name is Jerry Luke and I have had many Toyotas in my family for many years .
My wife had a Camrey, a Prius and have had Toyota Tacoma and fixing to purchase another one. However I’m having a problem .
I don’t like these GDI motors. I do not like aluminum motors and I will never own one. I want to buy a Toyota Tacoma four-cylinder with a steel motor because I can put half a million on them with no problem and even 1 million if I choose too.
Please do not use the GDI motors. My friends have many thousands of people on social media sites that don’t like GDI motors and hate they’re pressure problems. Aluminum is no good and never will be for motors Especially in the Toyota trucks.
Many thousands of people will not conform to this new GDI motor. GDI motors are only made to last maybe for 100,000 miles only if poke take care of them. Maybe a little more than that if they know how to take special care of them which most people do not.
I’m almost at 500,000 on my 2001 Toyota Tacoma pre-runner. I want another one to do the same and I will take this one to 1,000,000 miles. And then I’ll go on Social media and show millions what my PRE-RUNNER motor. is. are to accomplish .
I hope that this note that I’ve written will reach the Japanese industry and hopethey will reconsider using GDI motors. Do not do it because people are getting smarter. My friends GDI motor blew completely out of the hood just four days ago and decided to put another motor in.
Yes car was a late 2019. Kai SUV. As I speak he’s putting a 1998 steel motor in that car because he’s learned and will be advertising how dangerous a GDI motor is. Again they are no good.

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