Honda Accord Catalytic Converter Shield Anti Theft Protection Guards

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Available Honda Accord Catalytic Converter Shields:

2003 Honda Accord Catalytic Converter Shield

2004 Honda Accord Catalytic Converter Shield

2005 Honda Accord Catalytic Converter Shield

2006 Honda Accord Catalytic Converter Shield

2007 Honda Accord Catalytic Converter Shield

The Honda Accord has been a very popular car across the USA for many years. Since 1989 right up until 2020 it has high records of sales across the country as many customers appreciate the high levels of a quality finish mixed with affordability. A modern looking mid sized sedan that offers power behind the wheel and amble interior space for all the family.

The downside of owning one of the most popular cars on the road is that it’s also a big target for theft. Carfax have compiled a list of the top ten cars targeted for catalytic convertor theft in 2022 and sadly for any Honda Accord owners out there, they made the top ten. The list was researched thoroughly and compiled from information taken from over 60,000 service reports from garages across the country from 2019 up to 2022. More than 32,000 catalytic convertor thefts were reported in 2021 alone and the figures have steadily been rising year on year.

The appeal of the Honda Accord in particular is the valuable components that have a high resale value on the black market. A skilled criminal can remove a catalytic convertor from the underside of the Honda Accord in less than three minutes making them an appealing target. The precious metals found within a Honda Accord’s convertor include palladium, platinum and rhodium.

The cost to replace a convertor may sometimes be covered by your car insurance but it will push up premiums and can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000 for parts and labour. It’s likely that some of this cost will come out of pocket as insurance companies won’t likely cover the excess. Another downside is you may be without a vehicle while repairs are taking placing costing even more time and money that is not ideal.

Statistics for Honda Accord Catalytic Convertors:

  • The Honda Accord is on the top ten list of most popular model to steal from in USA

  • Can fetch over $1,000 resale value for older models on the black market

  • Can cost vehicle owners up to $5,000 to replace/repair their Honda Accord convertor

  • Honda Accord catalytic convertors can be removed in under three minutes by thieves

  • 1989-2020 models of the Honda Accord are the most targeted by thieves

If you have concerns about potential catalytic converter theft from your Honda Accord, we recommend using our search tool to find a catalytic converter shield that will fit your make and model of Honda. If one has not been manufactured for your particular model of Honda, please bookmark this page and check back often as we are constantly adding new makes and models as new catalytic converter shields are developed and manufactured.

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