Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Shield Anti Theft Protection Guards

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Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Information

The 2nd generation Toyota Prius dominated the car sales markets between 2004 to 2009. This now slightly aging hybrid has become a number one target for catalytic converter theft in California. The Prius hybrid’s small easily accessible device contains trace amounts of precious metals and can fetch several hundred dollars from resale making it a tempting target for thieves.

The figures don’t lie either. Across the Untied States, Prius is the 10th most targeted vehicle on the roads today for catalytic convertor theft. Outshining this statistic is it’s position in the West. There it is the number one targeted vehicle type on our roads today. CarFax compiled the list of top ten most lucrative cars from over 60,000 reports from auto shops across the west and the 2001 Toyota Prius was the clear winner. Criminals pass over newer models if an older Prius is nearby.

The resale value for a 2007 Prius catalytic convertor is more than $1000 making it too good to resist for criminals. To put this into comparison, a stolen catalytic convertor from a Ford T-150 only has a resale value of around $150. Newer models of the Toyota Prius now use different components and sell for a little less than the older model of Prius but are still popular targets for thieves across the globe.

Overall insurance claims for theft of stolen car parts have sky rocketed particularly in California, Washington and New Mexico.

Now Toyota Prius owners are faced with a difficult choice. Replace their aging car which is a costly prospect or continue to replace stolen catalytic convertors which can cost up to $3,000 to replace and repair damage caused.

Statistics for Toyota Prius Catalytic Convertors:

  • The Toyota Prius is the 10th most popular model to steal catalytic converters from in the USA

  • The Toyota Prius is #1 most popular model to steal the catalytic converter from the the Western United States

  • The Toyota Prius catalytic converter fetches over $1,000 for older models on the black market

  • A stolen catalytic converter can cost Prius owners up to $3,000 to replace or repair

  • The Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter can be removed from vehicles in under two minutes by thieves

  • Toyota Prius 2004-2007 models are the most targeted by catalytic converter thieves

If you have concerns about potential catalytic converter theft from your Toyota Prius, we recommend using our search tool to find a catalytic converter shield that will fit your make and model of Toyota Prius. If one has not been manufactured for your particular model of Toyota Prius, please bookmark this page and check back often as we are constantly adding new makes and models as new catalytic converter shields are developed and manufactured.

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